Done this month!

After one missed Done this month post (or the old Beauty fav's of the month post) I'm here, with new post title (Finally, correct one) and four empty products.. 

1.Garnier pure daily cleansing gel
2. LipSmacker Strawberry lip balm
3. The Body Shop Satsuma mandarin body butter
4.Orly won't chip 

My feedback about these products:
1. Garnier cleansing gel.. so.. Maybe just cleansing gels is not my thing. This one I got about year - it was so hard to use it, really didnt like it. Have nothing to say about this product, because it really didnt help my skin, after using it, sometimes my skin was sooo dry, oh. I will not buy this one more time.

2. Smell of this lip balm, was so sweet and nice! (Ok, all LipSmackers smell like paradise, I remember my childhood, when I got from my friend one of the best LipSmackers things ever - Watermelon liquid  lip smacker, I still remember that beautiful smell!) It's little bit oily. This balm is cheap, so why not try?

3. The best body butter on earth! Love it! This body butter smells sooooooooo good, it's not too oily (sometimes, The Body Shop butters is kind a oily) and that mandarin odor, so fresh. For me it doesn't remind about Christmas, just about summer :) Definitely suggest this for you all!

4.This top coat was just wonderful, I loved it! After applying it, my nails looked so nice, like I'm having gel nail polish. But now this top coat isn't applicable, it's out of date.

Do you have tried one of these products? :)
Kisses, Eliza

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