Back on track

Hello babes, finally I got my own computer and my own internet, feels good to be back! So, actually this week was so horrible, because I was really sick and I felt terrible. Today I feel much better, and today, finally I feel happy and satisfied. So, yeah, as soon as posible I will show you all some photos, but now, few nice things I found in Zara's online shop. (Unfornately, week ago I was in Zara (even twice, haha) and I didnt saw any of these clothes. Sh#t happens! I though that I will find my Christmas ball dress in Zara.. Yeah, dissapointed. But this is not first time, when I check online store (Of course, I always check Latvian one, because offer is always diffirent in another continents and countries) and then I check real store, and yeah.. Nothing of clothes, shoes or acessories I wanted. And Zara is not the only one shop, which does not supply all sortiment. Sad, but true.

So, which of these things do you love the most? Let me know! Kisses :) 

4 komentāri:

  1. Man visvairāk patīk tā otrā kleita, melnā jaka ar kniedēm un tas pirmspēdējais lakats! :)

    1. Tik žēl, ka gandrīz neko no tā nevar atrast veikalos! :(

  2. 1. attēla un 3. attēla kleitiņas ļoti skaistas. :)