Hi sweeties, just wanted to say, that I will stop bloggin' for one week, because of my internet limit which I just spent. But, I will be back with new posts about things I bought in Mallorca (kind a late post, I know, but I really want to show you all, what I bought), few clothes I bought yesterday @ Riga (For first time, I visited H&M.. :-D) and few another things.. But for now, I can just show last months photos.. 

Lunch at small pizzeria in my town

My tasty dessert, yesterday, at cafe, in Riga

These delicious tiger shrimps I made today for my family.

Tea before flight to Mallorca


Few stylish accents

That's all for now, enjoy these senseless photos and have a nice week.
Kisses, Eliza!



This is my first inspiration post here, enjoy! 

You already seen that in this post dominates luxuriant and just gorgeous long dresses with diamond and pearl accents. Oh, one of my dreams is to have few dresses like these in my wardrobe.. When I see something as splendid as these evening dresses, my heart is having mini heart-attack. I think, that every woman would feel like real princess in dresses like these.
x, Elizabete



Hi everyone! Oh, I feel.. distraught? Yeah, thank you school, homeworks, teachers.. I hate to study, I don't do homeworks, teachers are getting disappointed.. Everyone around is studying hard, but I just feel tired. Always tired. F#ck! So.. Yeah, it's like the last minute to start to do something, homerworks and everything else. Oh, hate it! But I have to. Ok, now back to the point - few really good-looking clothes/outfits from Bershka and Pull&Bear. Which one do you like the most?  :) 

I <3 this jacket, lucky boys who will be able to buy it! 

Kisses, Eliza