Palma de Mallorca

Hi my dear blog readers, today I'm gonna show few pictures of my trip to Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
But before we start, I just wanted to say thank's to my sister, because she made these photos.

So.. This is SanMiguel - my dear friend or just beer I drank all these day's.. It was sooo delicious! I already miss these chill nights with cold beer and.. oh, I already miss Mallorca.

This is Palma's Cathedral. It was very beautiful and I really enjoyed time there.. It was so quiet and peacefull (ok, same in every cathedral or church), but that beauty there! This cathedral was incredible..

Me and hotels personal cat, who was a little bit cheeky and funny too, but that's a long story to tell.

Such a beautiful sunset.

Happy Elizabete:)
(Happy Elizabete acting kind a stupid) 

I loved this radio station, in Spain I heard the best of the best mix'es ever

One day we went to some region just to see beach and after visiting it, we wanted to eat something.. But yeah, that area we visited looked kind a unsafe, and bars there looked.. terrible. However, we risk to checkout one of the best looking place, which prepared Turkish kebabs. Of course, we all thought that this is not gonna end good, but when we got out meals.. Oh God! The best dinner ever! So big portions and sooooo tasty.. And I don't remember that restourant name. Sh#t!

Everytime I saw airplain, I felt so sad.. I really loved to be there.

My aunt and I

That's all! Have you ever been in Mallorca?
Kisses, Eliza

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