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Good morning, sweeties. What's up? Yesterday, I finally went out with some friends, this week was kind a crazy, because of three theme day's at school. I and my classmates we're worshiping graduating class or simply it's called 'Fukši'. And yesterday we was at school's ball. It was such a fun night, finally I met few unseen people, and I realized, that I really miss them all. So today..Yeah, hangover.
But now back to the point, this post was about:
H&M Riga, Latvia
H&M store opening was on September 15. I was soooo excited! I really wanted to be at opening, but there was toooo much people, and they was so crazy about few gift card's that they spend whole night next to the H&M door's. I don't know, if in society it is acceptable, but in my opinion -  it's kind a silly.
Anyway, in opening day I was in Riga, and I had a chance to visit H&M, but I was really tired, so I better enjoyed some canapes with salmon&cranberries :D


So, I've still had no chance to visit H&M, but already I've heard diffirent opinions, and most of them is like this one : 'Now everybody in Latvia, will wear the same clothes, everybody will have similary tops, etc.' Gosh, people are so dumb. It make's sense when everybody have the same clothes and when people have good taste in fashion, so they know how to combine already seen clothes with another accessories, so they will not look the like others. (example : If I will see jumper, that I really like, but my friend already got it, I will buy it and wear with another accessories, shoes, pants.) Conclusion - People who are worried about that everybody will have clothes, which already belong to them, just don't have they own fashion taste. Everyone should be original and interesting as they own.

And as usually, few thing's I like from H&M


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