Beauty fav's of September

Hi everyone :) September has passed away and that means that I should share with my Beauty fav's of September. BUT firstly - these kind of posts is not my fav's.. These are products that ended this month, and I really don't have another idea how to re-name these posts - empty products? Utilized products? (Maybe, you have your version of grammatically correct post tittle? Let me know, leave comments bellow! *pleaaaaase?!* ) OK, for today this will be Beauty fav's post. 

1.Oriflame, Sweet dreams Lavander&Passion flower mist 
2.Oriflame, FeetUp Foot gel with lemongrass&water mint
3.The Body Shop, wild cherry body butter
4.Garnier PureActive, Spot-on Roll-on

My feedback about these product's:
1.This spray had such a nice smell, I used it after refreshing shower - sometimes I massage into my skin, sometimes I sprayed it in my bed and yeah, my bed was my little paradise. I really loved this product, unfortunately this is no longer in Oriflame assortment.

2.I ordered this cooling foot gel, because I loved Oriflame previous cooling foot gel and I though that this will be the same gel in new packaging. I was quite wrong, because previous gel got much crisper flavor and effect. This foot gel isnt as good as previous one, but it's not bad too. 

3.At first I didn't like this creamy butter at all. I have it about year and only now, when it's empty, I understand how lovely it was. I didn't like it's consistence, but the smell, was just wonderful. It was quite oily (because of wild cherry oil), but I loved, that it was so moisturizing. I'm not sure, about buying it again, because TBS got so much another butter's and now, these packages don't have this beautiful sticker with these cherry's on.. 

4.This thing my lovely friend gave me, because it was unsuitable to her skin, and I was quite happy to try it. I have used it few times, and then I noticed that nothing has changed. In first photo, you can see  this little bottle aren't empty yet, and I'm sure, that this thing will be in trash after few minutes. I really don't want to continue using this product.

That's all, huh.
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