Hi babes, finally I'm home. My class had a trip to Ventspils, one of the best preserved city's in Latvia, near to sea, so it was kind a sick party with my awesome friends, haha. So yeah, yesterday I had a hangover and today I was in Riga, I visited doctors and checked Stockmans big sale ('Trakās dienas'), but unfortunately I didn't buy anything.. because of few crazy old russian womans, who was like crazy for few things with normal price (no discount). Part of that was funny, another part - miserably. So, there was too much people, and I was kinda tired too, but in Venspils I visited popular Latvian local store called Drogas and I found such a nice nail polish, check it out below! 

One Week Bella Oggi, 15, (W1003)

One thick coating, without top coat or something else, day 2
Have you ever tried this polish?

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