Zara fav's

Last day's I've felt so tired and exhausted, I would love to lay in my bad for next week and just.. But Im OK. When I feel bad checking online shop's make's me feel much better, this time - Zara. Right now I feel so inspired.. I really love Zara new A/W collection. The truth is that few years ago, I even hated Zara, 'cause I though that there was so ugly clothes. Now every time I go to shopping, I always check Zara and I always find about 10 thing's I really love, and about 3-5 things I will buy. When winter approaching I love to wear classic black jeans and black tops, of course black shoes. Everything black and classic! And this time, I was happy to see so much black tones in clothes.
So, as usually - few things I love below :)

(But I still can't say no for few rocky things)
That's all, kisses, Eliza

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Those pieces look great on their own and are so easy to style.