New in ; Avon

 Hi sweetie's, how was your day? It's holiday's and I feel horrible, I'm sneezing and yeah.. Such a nice weekend. But yesterday I received something new.. 

Super Drama Mascara & Invisible light corrector from Avon

Corrector is good, the only thing I may don't like - it's little bit shiny and seem's that it's too light for my skin, but that's OK, corrector will be perfect for winter season, then I will be sooo pale.. Oh, no!

I needed new mascara, and this one has a special offer and price, so why not try? This mascara have unseen brush, and it makes my eyelashes look really dramatic.. That's why I love this mascara! My aunt saw my lashes and asked - these are fake? + It was so easy to apply it. This mascara is worth trying!


2 komentāri:

  1. Žēl, ka nav redzams kā uz skropstiņām izskatās.:)
    Tā jau ļoti interesants tuša liekās!

    1. Tā kā esmu apslimusi un izskatos briesmīgi (aizpampusi) nesanāca atrādīt! :(
      Domāju, ka ir vērts pamēģināt!!