Beauty faves of August

Hello everyone! Oh, I've been so busy & tired last day's, because of school. This year I started learning in another class - new class - another people, (of course half of them I know, because we was studying together before) new lessons, new teachers. But now back to the point of this post. So, these are products I have been using for some time but last month they ended. (In my blog, posts like this, will be something new and I hope, you will enjoy it)

1.Oriflame Essentials 3in1 cleanser with vitamin E and cornflower extract
2. Lancome L'extreme mascara
3.TBS Soft Hands Kind Heart handcream
4.TBS Born Lippy watermelon lip balm 

My feedback about these product's :
1. I just love Oriflame cleanser, my skin looked fresh and healthy after using it. This cleanser have neutral odor and perfectly removes make-up. It was for face only, but I used it for my eyes too, I thought that it's pretty harmless for eyes. I got this cleanser long time ago, and it is really my favorite. The bad thing - It's no longer avaible in Oriflame assortment. Maybe, you can recommend another good cleanser?

2.Lancome Paris L'extreme black mascara. I think, that this mascara is just miracle, I really love how my eyelashes look's with it. This mascara is not overly dramatic, but mades your eyelashes look longer.

3.The Body Shop watermelon lip balm. How do you see, I got this balm like for eternity (old design). I choose this balm, because of neutral color and it was smelling good. It's kind sticky, and bit shiny too. I think, that I will not buy this again, maybe that's because I have this lip balm for years, and I'm tired of it. But I'm sure, that I will buy one of TBS lip butters. Do you have one? What's your fav? Let me know!

4.The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart handcream. I bought it, even with no trying it in shop, and now I can even swear - this is best handcream I ever used. I really love odor, I think that it's smelling like nutmeg. Cream makes my hands soft and absorbs quickly. And It have long lasting odor. Even more, this is one of TBS charity campaign - all this product profits is for helping kids and womens defense.

For today, that's all for me. I hope, that you enjoyed this post.
Kisses, Eliza.

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