New in ; Maybelline

Hi my loves! And again I have to apologize for late posts. Today, I will show you these two beautiful nail polishe's - maybelline colorama (new edition) tone 107 & 67. I bought them week ago, and I really love them, especially tone 67 - dark violet with little blue glitters. For me these tones will be completely favourite for winter season! This week I will show you all, how does these tones look on nails:)

PS. Already working on a next post here - September beauty fav's 


Zara fav's

Last day's I've felt so tired and exhausted, I would love to lay in my bad for next week and just.. But Im OK. When I feel bad checking online shop's make's me feel much better, this time - Zara. Right now I feel so inspired.. I really love Zara new A/W collection. The truth is that few years ago, I even hated Zara, 'cause I though that there was so ugly clothes. Now every time I go to shopping, I always check Zara and I always find about 10 thing's I really love, and about 3-5 things I will buy. When winter approaching I love to wear classic black jeans and black tops, of course black shoes. Everything black and classic! And this time, I was happy to see so much black tones in clothes.
So, as usually - few things I love below :)

(But I still can't say no for few rocky things)
That's all, kisses, Eliza


Great weekend

Sorry for late updates.. How was your day? Mine was sooo exhausting, that beer tasted ..Oh, it was so refreshing :D Let me know, how do you spent your day. Today I'm sharing with photos from last weekend - saturday night I was in Riga, (me, sis, mom & aunt) we watched ballet performance La Bayadere. It was such a beautiful performance. Next day, we got lunch together in Jurmala, 36.line restaurant. I love this place! Service was just perfect, it was sooo comfy there and meal there.. was just wonderful! If you ever visiting Latvia, this will be a great place to eat:) 

Me & sis

Me.. Always making fun 

/All photos are made by my sister, infinitelifex


New in ; Avon

 Hi sweetie's, how was your day? It's holiday's and I feel horrible, I'm sneezing and yeah.. Such a nice weekend. But yesterday I received something new.. 

Super Drama Mascara & Invisible light corrector from Avon

Corrector is good, the only thing I may don't like - it's little bit shiny and seem's that it's too light for my skin, but that's OK, corrector will be perfect for winter season, then I will be sooo pale.. Oh, no!

I needed new mascara, and this one has a special offer and price, so why not try? This mascara have unseen brush, and it makes my eyelashes look really dramatic.. That's why I love this mascara! My aunt saw my lashes and asked - these are fake? + It was so easy to apply it. This mascara is worth trying!



Beauty faves of August

Hello everyone! Oh, I've been so busy & tired last day's, because of school. This year I started learning in another class - new class - another people, (of course half of them I know, because we was studying together before) new lessons, new teachers. But now back to the point of this post. So, these are products I have been using for some time but last month they ended. (In my blog, posts like this, will be something new and I hope, you will enjoy it)

1.Oriflame Essentials 3in1 cleanser with vitamin E and cornflower extract
2. Lancome L'extreme mascara
3.TBS Soft Hands Kind Heart handcream
4.TBS Born Lippy watermelon lip balm 

My feedback about these product's :
1. I just love Oriflame cleanser, my skin looked fresh and healthy after using it. This cleanser have neutral odor and perfectly removes make-up. It was for face only, but I used it for my eyes too, I thought that it's pretty harmless for eyes. I got this cleanser long time ago, and it is really my favorite. The bad thing - It's no longer avaible in Oriflame assortment. Maybe, you can recommend another good cleanser?

2.Lancome Paris L'extreme black mascara. I think, that this mascara is just miracle, I really love how my eyelashes look's with it. This mascara is not overly dramatic, but mades your eyelashes look longer.

3.The Body Shop watermelon lip balm. How do you see, I got this balm like for eternity (old design). I choose this balm, because of neutral color and it was smelling good. It's kind sticky, and bit shiny too. I think, that I will not buy this again, maybe that's because I have this lip balm for years, and I'm tired of it. But I'm sure, that I will buy one of TBS lip butters. Do you have one? What's your fav? Let me know!

4.The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart handcream. I bought it, even with no trying it in shop, and now I can even swear - this is best handcream I ever used. I really love odor, I think that it's smelling like nutmeg. Cream makes my hands soft and absorbs quickly. And It have long lasting odor. Even more, this is one of TBS charity campaign - all this product profits is for helping kids and womens defense.

For today, that's all for me. I hope, that you enjoyed this post.
Kisses, Eliza.