Today I will share with gift I received month's ago.. But I still haven't try it

Fuchsia pink sponge

Shower gel & body lotion

I really love tattoo print about these bottles - so colourful but at the same time so classy & maidenlike 

It smell's kind misterious.. I really don't know what is that smell.. Not bad & not good 

My pink nails (China Glaze Wicked Style)

4 komentāri:

  1. Atbildes
    1. I already say - months ago :-)
      haven't seen yet? :D

    2. nope.. i guess you were hiding this for months :D

  2. Oh, this cute box we're just playing hide-and-seek in my drawer so.. :-)
    I have too much cosmetics in my shelf, so this box would not get into my cosmetic-shelf. Y'a know :-)