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Hey, few day's ago I was in Riga, to shop and visit my aunt. We ate sushi and talked about new trends & stuff. We had a lot of fun, as usual. So there's some photo of me & my sister and more..



New in ; syoss

Hello my dear followers and everyone else! Today I'm going to share with Syoss hair mask. So this is Syoss hair mask - silicone free. (It says that - repairs intensively without weighing-down / without silicones / without parabenes / without paraffines / 2 minutes, rinse out.)
What I think about this mask - At first I didn't like it. Smell was something.. Hmn, like some baby oil - soft, warm, enjoyable. Something unusual, so I didn't like it at first, but after few trials, I started to love it. Syoss is known because of professional using, it's hairdressing level if I can say this. What I'm trying to say is that it's hairdresser's professional product, but price is lower that usual. But how about quality? I don't think that this product is the best. It's good, but I did I felt some changes? No. I think that all these repair-care treatments just helps at first, but later hair just get used to have this treatment, so they just starts to weigh down. I think this mask is definately better than other masks but just in the same price level. If you're ready to pay more - you will find something else. BUT, even though I didn't felt big changes, this product is good. Maybe it would work better with other hair type. Anyway, if you have another thoughts about this product, let me know!!! :) 


A/W collection . Pull&Bear

Goodmornin'! Yes, I just woke up and it's completely normal for me. Last night I was checking Pull&Bear online shop. Few years ago, this was my favorite store ever, and now I can say that it still is  my fav. I just love new collection, because of military look's & khaki colours, leather jacket's, plaid shirt's, studs and more, and more, and more! Today you can checkout some of my faves - 

More about military look's you can see here .
Right now, that's all. Have a nice day:)



Hello to everyone! I'm having some internet issues and having a bad day's too.. I just can't decide what I want to do in my future - be a part of fashion or not. So right now, last thing I want to do is contact with people, I just want to calm down. I have 4/5 day's to decide what to do..

But I can't stop thinking about fashion, new autumn/winter collection, about new posts from people I follow here.. , All these thing's and people inspires me so much! Oh

Which pair of these boot's do you like?!
Can't decide, both are lovely!



Worthless post, I know..
Have a nice day



Today I will share with gift I received month's ago.. But I still haven't try it

Fuchsia pink sponge

Shower gel & body lotion

I really love tattoo print about these bottles - so colourful but at the same time so classy & maidenlike 

It smell's kind misterious.. I really don't know what is that smell.. Not bad & not good 

My pink nails (China Glaze Wicked Style)

that military thing

Oh well.. I just love military print clothes . Combine something classy with military print jacket or t-shirt and look adorable ! Can't wait for next shopping , because I already know what I will buy :-) 

(source: bershka)


Wishlist 2

Another wishlist (Zara)
How do y'all see all these thing's I like are too different - some of them are classy , some of them too simple ; rock/funk style and stuff . It just shows how different I dress . So I wish ,that now eveybody's know - I do not wear black boot's with yellow skirts and not-matching shirt or smth like this . And here's small info about style trends .


New in . July

So.. Few thing's I bought this month and little review -

Tanita hair removal cream with citrus smell . Long story short - pack was too little and this cream didn't work as well as I expected .

My aunt gave me this fragrance sample Jeanne Lanvin Couture and I just felt in love with it! This perfume will be the next one I'm going to buy .

L'Oreal refreshing toner for normal and combination skin . Such a nice smell , makes pores much smaller as they are . 

'чистая линия' scrub . It was my mom's random purchase for me , I even do not ask her this scrub for me ..She just said 'I my juvenility it was such a good thing!' And later I saw so much good feedback about this product . It was like explossion - in every post where this scrub . I really like it - smell's good , it's kinda natural and was cheap . 

Orly Won't Chip topcoat . How do you see - it's not new ..Long story short - I and my aunt discussed about topcoats and she said - take this , try it , I don't even need it! But.. I haven't try it yet . Sorz! 

When I was in Jurmala bought these two masks . The second one got such a beautiful smell.. Like fresh berries ..Uh . Beauty Formulas coconut mask I will try next week .

Essence gel-look topcoat . It was just like normal topcoat . I'm disappointed .

Right now that's all . Wish y'all good day :)