Hello everyone! Yesterday I was in Riga which is Latvia capital city, I visited Gints Bude model management. I still can't decide- should I try to get in there, is it worth the money I will spend, do I really want this experience? I know, that always when I start something new my interest dissapears instantly! It would be perfect if I improve my knowledge in etiquette, it would be perfect to know how to models walk and all that other things they teaches to girls who attend lessons there. But do I want it? Anyway, as I'm 16, this is my last chance, because 17 years old girls already are too old for making modeling career. After I visited GB model management I had some free time till my bus arrives, so I spent it walking trough the Stockmann, which is versatile store, they sell brand cosmetic & perfume, brand clothes, food etc. I wanted to buy some new nail polishes, but I was really upset, when I saw only few of colors I wanted. So I bought just 2 nail polishes- China Glaze Wicked Style, which is really my favorite and of course I needed to buy new red nail polish Orly Haute red. I'm big fan of red color, when we talk about nails. I love red nail polishes, but I don't have any piece of red clothes in my closet, because I just don't like red color. :D But yeah, prices at Stockmann was a bit too big than prices which is in Oniks BETA shop. So next time I will visit Oniks BETA shop and I'm sure that choice there is much better and bigger than in Stockmann. How was ur day? x

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