My first DIY

Yesterday was sooo sunny and hot! But then started heavy rain , lightning and thunder .. That was a little bit scary . By the way in that moment I had nothing to do and then I got some idea - from my jean jacket make a vest! So today I started this DIY :-) 

That's how looked my jean jacket . I bought it in House clothes shop and I wore it just in last spring & summer . So since I don't use it - it's useless . 

That's how it looked on me.. It's M size and jackets hand's was a little bit big for me . And I'm sorry for my disorder on the table.. That's how I work , haha! 

What I did ? I just cut jean jacket hand's off 

And here it is - my new jean vest :-)
That's all! Maybe later I will add some studs or spikes to pockets , but only if I will find good looking spikes / studs . 

Some photos from yesterday , after rain :-)

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