New in / June

Short description about last months new in('s) and photo of my new hair + rewiew about avon body oil
Three Butterfly Enjoy nail polish'es . First of them is light pink , I love the colour but it drying for sooo long time . The next one is red and this one is much better , because it don't take much time to apply it . Last one is mint green , a little bit brighter as it should , but that's OK . I love these small bottle's , so I will not get tired with these colours .

Essence Ready for Boarding hand & body wipes . This package is small enough to put it in hand bag or cosmetic bag , wipes are smelling good , only thing I didn't like - I put it in my bag just once but it all ready looks bedraggle and neglectfull ,because of package's material . SuperWhite Care+ toothpaste and it's great for a small cosmetic bag if you're traveling . (By the way.. I just bought it because of my big love for little &cute things :D ) For post New in / June it's all , but I promise that in July / New in post I will have much more new thing's to show off . 

Avon Skin So Soft body oil what I found in my drawer . I bought it half year ago and I use it just for 3-5 times , because I never understand it's effect , I always thought that my skin will be oily and too shiny ..Few day's ago , after shower I tried this oil again and this time I was suprised - it was so easy to apply it and this product smell was sweet but refreshing too . My skin was soft in next day too . It took a less time than body lotion applying . My feedback about this Avon product is good - I just love it!

My bleached hair , colourful shirt and pink & gold bracelet + neon watch ( I stole /borrowed it from my friend ) 

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