Oh.. Finally it's real summer outside! So hot that yesterday I and my dear friend Zane decided to go to the beach ( Jurmala ) where right now start's festival 'New Wave' and there's a big chance to meet some of Russian biggest stars! I remember that few years ago I visited this festival and I just loved it ..I was watching 'New Wave' for years and I loved Russian music , but right now it's not so cool thing for me . By the way , we chilled in Jurmala , it was so nice weather outside! Water was so refreshing ..Later we had lunch in Riga - pineapple & maracuja smoothie and some chocolate pie with ice cream ,mm .. When I got home , I just have 5 minutes to change my outfit and then I got an kid's party - it was Martas name day :) 



Hello everyone! Yesterday I was in Riga which is Latvia capital city, I visited Gints Bude model management. I still can't decide- should I try to get in there, is it worth the money I will spend, do I really want this experience? I know, that always when I start something new my interest dissapears instantly! It would be perfect if I improve my knowledge in etiquette, it would be perfect to know how to models walk and all that other things they teaches to girls who attend lessons there. But do I want it? Anyway, as I'm 16, this is my last chance, because 17 years old girls already are too old for making modeling career. After I visited GB model management I had some free time till my bus arrives, so I spent it walking trough the Stockmann, which is versatile store, they sell brand cosmetic & perfume, brand clothes, food etc. I wanted to buy some new nail polishes, but I was really upset, when I saw only few of colors I wanted. So I bought just 2 nail polishes- China Glaze Wicked Style, which is really my favorite and of course I needed to buy new red nail polish Orly Haute red. I'm big fan of red color, when we talk about nails. I love red nail polishes, but I don't have any piece of red clothes in my closet, because I just don't like red color. :D But yeah, prices at Stockmann was a bit too big than prices which is in Oniks BETA shop. So next time I will visit Oniks BETA shop and I'm sure that choice there is much better and bigger than in Stockmann. How was ur day? x

What do you think? 



Few day's ago I caught gorgeous photos of sunset . 

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New in 2012.07.21

Hi everybody! Finaly , I got something to post here - yesterday I was in Riga for shopping :-)
So here some thing's I bought :

Black shorts with gold spikes . They are so comfortable and classy , I just can't wait for wearing them . from Zara . How do we know right now is summer sale , but these short's weren't with sale price , so I think this is autumn collection . (?!)

Dress form Bershka . I love this dress fabric and design .

This top I bought in Bershka . I love butterfly on it and turquoise blue colour . 

Me & my dear aunt
After shopping we drove to restaurant near aunt's home . This is my favorite restaurant ever! Food is always delicious , beautiful interior and good atmosphere . 

Later @ aunt's home we're drinked some cocktails - rum & cola . It was nice evening with my sister and aunt . We spend night there , as always and this morning it was so hard to wake up + the last thing I wanted was going home . Urgh . But right now I'm home - alone and just chillin' with some green tea cup . So .. Have a nice weekend :-)


Party time!

Oh, I can't even remember last time when I post here something.. Few day's ago I went to party or more accurate to say - chilled with my friends and alcohol ,giggle . In next morning I got an afterparty in my stomach if you know what I mean :D In these last day's I am visiting salt therapy and stuff , so I don't have time for bloggin . Tonight I'm visiting my dear friend Sintija - sweet 16 party! Can't wait . So right now I should start my home-spa procedures and stuff , I just really can't wait for tonight , so exited to see my girls and finaly all together :-)

(source: weheartit.com)

So.. I promise to post something this Sunday - maybe something new of my cosmetic's or maybe something new of my clothes - this Friday I am going to Riga ..SHOPPING TIME!
That's all from me today


My first DIY

Yesterday was sooo sunny and hot! But then started heavy rain , lightning and thunder .. That was a little bit scary . By the way in that moment I had nothing to do and then I got some idea - from my jean jacket make a vest! So today I started this DIY :-) 

That's how looked my jean jacket . I bought it in House clothes shop and I wore it just in last spring & summer . So since I don't use it - it's useless . 

That's how it looked on me.. It's M size and jackets hand's was a little bit big for me . And I'm sorry for my disorder on the table.. That's how I work , haha! 

What I did ? I just cut jean jacket hand's off 

And here it is - my new jean vest :-)
That's all! Maybe later I will add some studs or spikes to pockets , but only if I will find good looking spikes / studs . 

Some photos from yesterday , after rain :-)


Finally, summer outside

Hellou! Oh, finally, it's hot outside, I can feel summer ,mm.. Today I with my family visited Rundales palace , in my opinion one of the famous places in Latvia , because of beautiful flower garden and french-style palace :-) 

Home.. Sushi time!

And ice-cold coke
And how was your day ?


New in / June

Short description about last months new in('s) and photo of my new hair + rewiew about avon body oil
Three Butterfly Enjoy nail polish'es . First of them is light pink , I love the colour but it drying for sooo long time . The next one is red and this one is much better , because it don't take much time to apply it . Last one is mint green , a little bit brighter as it should , but that's OK . I love these small bottle's , so I will not get tired with these colours .

Essence Ready for Boarding hand & body wipes . This package is small enough to put it in hand bag or cosmetic bag , wipes are smelling good , only thing I didn't like - I put it in my bag just once but it all ready looks bedraggle and neglectfull ,because of package's material . SuperWhite Care+ toothpaste and it's great for a small cosmetic bag if you're traveling . (By the way.. I just bought it because of my big love for little &cute things :D ) For post New in / June it's all , but I promise that in July / New in post I will have much more new thing's to show off . 

Avon Skin So Soft body oil what I found in my drawer . I bought it half year ago and I use it just for 3-5 times , because I never understand it's effect , I always thought that my skin will be oily and too shiny ..Few day's ago , after shower I tried this oil again and this time I was suprised - it was so easy to apply it and this product smell was sweet but refreshing too . My skin was soft in next day too . It took a less time than body lotion applying . My feedback about this Avon product is good - I just love it!

My bleached hair , colourful shirt and pink & gold bracelet + neon watch ( I stole /borrowed it from my friend ) 


Hello to everyone! Today was a good day, my grandmother was visiting us and then I with my family drove to our old house and visited my grandmother's close friend ,who's nurturing me & my sister in our childhood . Oh , I forgot - I bleached my hair today . I am natural blonde ,so in summer sun is my hair bleach . But my sister was bleaching her hair , so I decided that I want to be a little 'bit blonder than I am ,so she faded out my hair end's (am I right? /bottom) But I can't post any picture of my hair , because of bad photos , sorz . And today is one of the day's when I checked some online stores - one of them was ZARA . Urgh.. New wishlist and they are selling their clothes out! So.. Some of my faves

That's all for today . xx