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Hello there
Personaly , I'm not master of these things - cosmetics I use often BUT
I decided to share about may my new in cosmetic products , this month I bought just two things :

First one Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector/BB light/clair tone because I'm very pale . I love it! Make's my face a little bit darker . Smell's good ( fresh & sweet ). I dont use liquid foundation creams , so I wanted something light . I personaly really like it . This is my first BB cream and my feedback is good .
Clearskin - Blackhead clearing lotion from Avon 

And here comes my bad feedback! Maybe Avon /clearskin is not one of the best face clearing lotion manufacturer's and I should search for something much better and more expensive , but this time worked nice offer . So - what the problem? I got very visible blackhead's on my nose and first time when I try this lotion I felt horrid smell , just like acetone . So I decided to remove my red nail polish with this lotion ..and it works - just like aceton . (Maybe not as good as real aceton , but it really worked )  Lotion on my nose works just a little bit . I haven't use this lotion for 2 week's because I'm a little bit afraid - how does my nose will look If I continue to use it ? :D I do not recommend this lotion BUT if you want a large aceton bottle I can give this for you , hah!

Miss Dior L'eau - my favorite perfume ever! Why I decided it post today? Because in Latvia this perfume is no longer avaible . I already checked all Latvian perfume & cosmetics sites and theres only one bottle of this perfume left.. And it will be mine! I'm so happy! You can also find two last Miss Dior L'eau big bottles (100 ml) in Stockmann , but I personaly am afraid of that , If I had so big bottle I quickly get tired of this perfume..
Have a nice evening :)

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