My fav's

I decided to share my favorite products ( This is only half of everything I use ) 

Two last perfumes I bought ( OK , these two are gifts from my aunt & mom , but this was my chose ) Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb / Miss Dior Cherie L'eau 

Another my favorite brand is Elizabeth Arden and I think that I had tried all Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfumes .
In photo - Green Tea Revitslize & Exotic

By the way this brand is popular between all my family's womans . In this photo 3 perfumes is my sisters - Camellia ; Revitalize ; Exotic ; Green Tea ; Cherry Blossom ( the newest one ) . 

Heres my 'collection' of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea brand . I really love the perfumes and especially Green Tea Body lotion . This fragrance is so fresh and ..just perfect! Mmm
( I'm sorry because of bad picture - it was too dark in room ) 

While I photographed all these perfumes my parrot Tito was just crazy for gettin' in these photos . He ignored me and was so noisy and angry . So I had no choice and now Tito has his own photo session .  By the way , day by day he get's more annoying , that my biggest wish is let he out of his cage and just open window.. and then it will be his own choice what to do.. :DD

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