Hellou ! I'm back from my hangover hah ( I was just celebrating midsummer fest with my bestfriend and some guy's , much beer and fun.. ) And today was my officialy day off - I really wasn't doing anything today , just watched tv , taking a shower and searching for summer dress at internet stores like boohoo.com ; riverisland.com ; asos.com & and much more . I found very classy beige dress at boohoo.com but then I found something that I wanted few months ago - black playsuit at riverisland.com . So I decided to buy this playsuit but before I should have mix it with accessories & another accent's ..And thats how I made this set ,

And how good was your day ?


New in

 Hi everyone! Today was such a crazy and long day for me .I was in Riga city ,to shopping with my dear friend Zane . 

Black shoulder bag (Lindex) ; Black jeans (Zara) ; White t-shirt with gold spikes (Zara) ; Swimsuit (Pull&Bear) ; Fake rose wreath (Seppala) for Midsummer fest , because I am too lazy to make my own wreath :DD
Have a nice weekend !



Hey gurls, today I wanted to share with my role models, few world ranking stars- 

BLAKE LIVELY. She became popular because of her role in the world famous serial Gossip girl, so she is also known as Selena van der Woodsen. Not only in serial she is well dressed, I think that she have such a good taste in fashion! She always look good, so she have been my role model for years now.

OLIVIA PALERMO. She is an American socialite, model and actress. Also she was a cast member of the reality television show The City, so that how she became famous. Even actually I think, that Olivia is associated with great style! I always admire her beauty and perfect outfits. I have heard that people think - she will be next Anna Wintour..

ASHLEY OLSEN. Oh, I adore this girl- she is so beautiful! Ashley is American actress, fashion designer, bussineswoman. She become famous with her sister, while they was little girls working in Full House serial. Following their acting debut they appeared in a variety of TV, film and video projects throughout their child and teenage years. They always look gorgeous, they fashion sense is different, but good looking.

GINTA LAPINA. Latvian model, one of the best models in the whole world! She have been a model for famous brands like these ones- MiuMiu , Nina Ricci , Marc Jacobs , DKNY , Anna Sui , YSL , Prada , Dolce & Gabbana , Louis Vuitton , Valentino , Versace and Vivienne Westwood. I think, that she always look good, she have really nice fashion sense, style. Love her!

And what's your style inspiration ?


My fav's

I decided to share my favorite products ( This is only half of everything I use ) 

Two last perfumes I bought ( OK , these two are gifts from my aunt & mom , but this was my chose ) Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb / Miss Dior Cherie L'eau 

Another my favorite brand is Elizabeth Arden and I think that I had tried all Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfumes .
In photo - Green Tea Revitslize & Exotic

By the way this brand is popular between all my family's womans . In this photo 3 perfumes is my sisters - Camellia ; Revitalize ; Exotic ; Green Tea ; Cherry Blossom ( the newest one ) . 

Heres my 'collection' of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea brand . I really love the perfumes and especially Green Tea Body lotion . This fragrance is so fresh and ..just perfect! Mmm
( I'm sorry because of bad picture - it was too dark in room ) 

While I photographed all these perfumes my parrot Tito was just crazy for gettin' in these photos . He ignored me and was so noisy and angry . So I had no choice and now Tito has his own photo session .  By the way , day by day he get's more annoying , that my biggest wish is let he out of his cage and just open window.. and then it will be his own choice what to do.. :DD

It's raining . AGAIN

Hellou! It's raining and again - I have nothing to do , but when I have nothing to do I check out online shop stores . Today I looked for shorts who look a little bit to big & carelessy . Some months ago I checked out Zara shorts and there was really nice ones , but right now I found another stylish shorts with paint strokes . Look's so nice . At Bershka I found a little bit darker shorts with neon yellow belt . Look's gorgeous! What you think about shorts like these ? :) 

(source Bershka

(source Zara



 Finally my perfume is home , hah :) 
Today rereive this big , ugly box with my treasure inside . 

I'm so happy right now , this perfume really make's me smile . It's perfect for summer ! 

Weather outside ..a little bit strange :/ 



 So.. Tomorrow is my graduates day . I'm so exited ! Can't wait to wear my light yellow dress & nude accessories , can't wait to congratulate my class teacher and other teachers and can't wait for night - last class measure together . I just can't wait for tomorrow ! Few minutes ago I finished cleaning my terace - tomorrow my guests will chill there . I'm so tired , all I want to do right now is get in my bad , but I have something like home spa (giggle) , just to get ready for tomorrow . 
Today I checked out zara.com shoes ..now I got big wish list ! After my graduates day I will go to Riga , for some 'little' shopping.. And here's few of my favorites


New in / May

Hello there
Personaly , I'm not master of these things - cosmetics I use often BUT
I decided to share about may my new in cosmetic products , this month I bought just two things :

First one Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector/BB light/clair tone because I'm very pale . I love it! Make's my face a little bit darker . Smell's good ( fresh & sweet ). I dont use liquid foundation creams , so I wanted something light . I personaly really like it . This is my first BB cream and my feedback is good .
Clearskin - Blackhead clearing lotion from Avon 

And here comes my bad feedback! Maybe Avon /clearskin is not one of the best face clearing lotion manufacturer's and I should search for something much better and more expensive , but this time worked nice offer . So - what the problem? I got very visible blackhead's on my nose and first time when I try this lotion I felt horrid smell , just like acetone . So I decided to remove my red nail polish with this lotion ..and it works - just like aceton . (Maybe not as good as real aceton , but it really worked )  Lotion on my nose works just a little bit . I haven't use this lotion for 2 week's because I'm a little bit afraid - how does my nose will look If I continue to use it ? :D I do not recommend this lotion BUT if you want a large aceton bottle I can give this for you , hah!

Miss Dior L'eau - my favorite perfume ever! Why I decided it post today? Because in Latvia this perfume is no longer avaible . I already checked all Latvian perfume & cosmetics sites and theres only one bottle of this perfume left.. And it will be mine! I'm so happy! You can also find two last Miss Dior L'eau big bottles (100 ml) in Stockmann , but I personaly am afraid of that , If I had so big bottle I quickly get tired of this perfume..
Have a nice evening :)



It's June 2 , second day of summer and.. it's raining outside! And it's not just raining , weather outside is just terrible - cold and windy . I wish that in my release day weather outside will be much better . All day I am sitting home , because of weather I feel so tired . I'm so bored! But some minutes ago I was just checking some fashion blogs and got inspired - I just made my 'Summer wishlist' . This is my first wishlist ever!

Next week I have last exams , after the final ex I with my girl's will go to Riga , shop a little bit - find last accessories and stuff for graduates day :)