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I decided to post more posts about my style ; new in ; anything I love about new trends - colours , styles , fabrics , prints - anything ! I really enjoy to look for clothes in internet , much more special websites were I can make looks or just search for new trends .

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Theres only one problem - right now I don't have free time to post something , because of my exams . Today I got first exam in Latvian language - reading part & essay , tomorrow I got speaking part , so right now I should study and repeat my speech ( Blogging's popularity among teens ) ..ups . I got exams till june 7 .. So I should say goodbay for blogging right now .
Don't forget to enjoy these hot day's ! I love the weather outside ..
Have a nice evening guys :)



L'Oreal Paris

So.. Yesterday I got mail from L'Oreal - I think month ago there was nice deal , I just gave my adress for this sample and here it is! By the way , it's not for my age , so I will give it to my mom maybe? :-D But I really like that , I can try something new and rate it . I think L'Oreal Latvia should make much more actions like this :) Much more - http://www.loreal-paris.lv/ here I can see anything about any L'Oreal product , what is pretty cool ; I can do tests and read recommendations ; I can enjoy VIP club and much more! 




This monday I visited doctor in Riga . I got some troubles with my health and right now I got something like flu - feeling horible . After doctor visiting I and mom went for shopping , and this is what I bought .
Bra with plastic closure , nude pumps & Garnier Daily all-in-one BB cream . 

My new , nude pumps with bow . 
And here are salad , my everyday lunch .
Home made salat - cucumber , tomato , cress , cheese balls , olive oil , lemon-pepper and a little bit salt :)

That's all for today . xx


Last day's

I got just 6 day's to complete unfinished tests in school - next friday I have 'The Last Call' ( I really have no idea , how it's sounds in English ) - it will be solemn day in my school and stuff . After 'The Last Call' I will have exams . I can't believe , that I'm graduating already ! These last day's I'm addicted to energy drinks - this one is really delicious :-)



Hot day

This morning . I woke up and as usual get look from the window .. I was really suprised when I saw dark mist . By the way , something like this I saw first time .

Today I got such a strange timetable in school , so when my class got an free time , I and Zane where chillin' killin' in my car :DD That's because my trampoline was wet , so we decided to chill in car . It was so fun :) 

Another stupid picture

After school we could not decide what to do and then we realized , that we want eat some fast food and ..here we go .

I got such a niiiiiiiiiice day :-)
Wish u all luck



Week ago I just catch the moment - very beautiful pink sky .

Few day's ago I was in Riga , to shopping with my mom . I bought a blouse & dress in zara , but right now I'm so tired , so I just make some photos of new in cosmetics , maybe later I will share with my new clothes . So you can see - clearskin . blackhead clearing (avon), what I am using for some day's . Not as good as I hoped . There's a new orly nail polish named cherry bomb (40503) , really love it !

After shopping I and mom visited my aunt - we've drinked some champagne and just having good time together :-)