All alone we're just kids rolling down a hill
playing in the grass under a bright sun filled sky

Today , I with my classmates was in Riga , anatomy museum . About 2 h we we're there and got a lecture . Later , I with my 5 girls just chilled in Riga , by the way , we got so nice day together . Today sun is so bright and weather is so warm , I really feel spring outside .
After chill in Riga , I with Agate & Zane we're at our city's cafe , we had some nice dinner together .
I got such a wonderful day :) 

Sintija & I 

@ YoYo 


My dinner @ Iecava with Agate & Zane :-)


Agate's sweet 16

I just decided to share with some of Agate's sweet 16 photos , haha
Enjoy .. :-D

Sintija & I

I and Agate 

6 bottles of champagne and this is how I remember that night haha
( By the way , I remember anything HA )

Next mornin' chillin' killin'


F#ck it

It's 18:18 right now , make a wish
Today I will post this weeks new in . Few day's ago I was in Riga for a little , I was cheking for new clothes & stuff . Right now I'm sick , and I just got home from bee . Time for some shower , tea & sleep .
Have a nice day ! 

I bought two t-shirts from Lindex (sustainable choice)

In Stockmann I couldn't decide of I love.. mango & papaya body-butter and raspberry & blackberry body lotion , so .. I bought them both . Just got my order from Oriflame

But I'm little bad mad , because , one day later in Stockmann started big sellout 'Crazy Day's' .. 



Hi sweeties , right now I have dinner pause haha and I just wanted to share with it . By the way , I'm on a diet right now .. Today I with my girls where to Agate's house , we had lunch together .
Right now it's time for math and shower

( cottage cheese and radish )



Hellouuu , right now got some free time before I start to clean up my room , study and sh#t . I had good day at school , later I with my friend we're to the centre , she needed to solarium ( by the way , I should start visit solarium too , but I really have no time ) and stuff , later we we're to the shop for some yoghurt &water and got a nice walk trought the park .
Yesterday I got very tasty lunch , take a look .