Little review of trip to Sweden!
In Riga

Deep in sea.. I think that this the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.. Miss that day.

My favorite chips + Jagermeister + Bacardi. Why not? :D

Just love this photo.

Cocktails while watching perfomance.

I don't remember where exactly was this photo taken but that place looked really amazing.

Spontaneously we get into big crowd and then found ourselves watching ''Gay Pride'' parade. That was.. Umm. Interesting. 

Just found out this photo and fall in love.

This church shocked me.. God + Illuminati triangle? Eh, I regret that we didn't check what this church look like inside.

Actually, all day we walked around city, but we took just few pictures.. But as it's so easy to visit Stockholm, I'm sure that I will return there and make more pictures and memories, haha!

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