Some photos of march :

elzasi crib ,ha

My Valentine's day lunch , tasty :)

I & my girls had a lunch at some fast food restaurant in our city , and Sintija got some trouble with her ice cream . Haha , it was so funny . 

 This is one of the latest photo's , not march anymore .. But this is my new chill spot - bath house . Last night , I with my family we're just chillin' there with some beer and snack's .

A few day's ago I was celebrating my close friend's Agate sweet 16 with my girls . We've drank much , really much champagne and .. By the way we've got unforgettable night !

But now I'm goin' off , haha , it's day before Easters - Quet saturdays , and my aunt just arrived :)
Have a nice weekend !
Eliza xx

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