Hi sweeties , I'm home . My trip to Riga was good , got some troubles with my health - at aunt's hood I felt really bad , but I'm okay . We we're to the cinema , my sister and brother watched some kids movie , but I and my dear aunt watched ' One For the Money ' . In mornin' we eat an breakfast and later we we're going to Spice for some shopping . By the way , I can't share with some photo because of my camera , I forgot to buy new batteries , but howabout my phone pictures ? hah . I bought almost all I wanted , but this week I'm going to Riga one more time with my dear friend Agate to buy something more . Tomorrow I should visit my doctor , but I got no time . In school I will have some test's for like 2-3 hours , and after school I have gymnastics . Oh , wish me luck ! 

Found those amazing hats in Lindex , haha . ( I'm not serious ) But I think I would be a good rapper , or n#gga or something? 

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