Hello everyone

My name is Elizabete, I'm 19 years old and currently living in Latvia. I have a thing for fashion which manifest itself as shopping addiction & spending whole day finding out newest trends online! Me, myself & my style sense is still growing and developing. I'm going to share with my thoughts about newest trends and not only!

I think I've been living trough pretty rough years. I've been in so many fights, I've seen so many tears but at the end of the day I will be grateful about everything I own.
And this blog is proof. I've shared with best and worst moments of my life, and I have always been true to all of you and myself as well. This blog is mirror of my life and myself.

I started to write blog when I was 16 years old. Why? I felt alone and had nobody to share with my thoughts, my adventures, my troubles, my success. Also, as I said before, I love fashion. So I mixed my thoughts about fashion with my not-so-secret diary. Today it's the same. I still share with my everyday routine and adventures, also I'm sharing with new in, outfit, d.i.y, travel, polyvore and other posts!

If you want to know something more about me you can always ask to me! (my e-mail: happinessvictimblog(at)inbox.lv) As well as if you're interested about my social life here are few links: Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Facebook // Wehearit :) 

Happiness Victim blog

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