Some photos of march :

elzasi crib ,ha

My Valentine's day lunch , tasty :)

I & my girls had a lunch at some fast food restaurant in our city , and Sintija got some trouble with her ice cream . Haha , it was so funny . 

 This is one of the latest photo's , not march anymore .. But this is my new chill spot - bath house . Last night , I with my family we're just chillin' there with some beer and snack's .

A few day's ago I was celebrating my close friend's Agate sweet 16 with my girls . We've drank much , really much champagne and .. By the way we've got unforgettable night !

But now I'm goin' off , haha , it's day before Easters - Quet saturdays , and my aunt just arrived :)
Have a nice weekend !
Eliza xx


Hi sweeties , I'm home . My trip to Riga was good , got some troubles with my health - at aunt's hood I felt really bad , but I'm okay . We we're to the cinema , my sister and brother watched some kids movie , but I and my dear aunt watched ' One For the Money ' . In mornin' we eat an breakfast and later we we're going to Spice for some shopping . By the way , I can't share with some photo because of my camera , I forgot to buy new batteries , but howabout my phone pictures ? hah . I bought almost all I wanted , but this week I'm going to Riga one more time with my dear friend Agate to buy something more . Tomorrow I should visit my doctor , but I got no time . In school I will have some test's for like 2-3 hours , and after school I have gymnastics . Oh , wish me luck ! 

Found those amazing hats in Lindex , haha . ( I'm not serious ) But I think I would be a good rapper , or n#gga or something? 


Lip balm's

These are the last lip balms I bought . Burt's Bees is my favorite , and this was not first time I bought BB lip balm , but the second lip balm or stawberry lip smacker got a nice price , so I decided to buy it . They're really usefull , I recommend to buy these :-)  


Little review of trip to Sweden!
In Riga

Deep in sea.. I think that this the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.. Miss that day.

My favorite chips + Jagermeister + Bacardi. Why not? :D

Just love this photo.

Cocktails while watching perfomance.

I don't remember where exactly was this photo taken but that place looked really amazing.

Spontaneously we get into big crowd and then found ourselves watching ''Gay Pride'' parade. That was.. Umm. Interesting. 

Just found out this photo and fall in love.

This church shocked me.. God + Illuminati triangle? Eh, I regret that we didn't check what this church look like inside.

Actually, all day we walked around city, but we took just few pictures.. But as it's so easy to visit Stockholm, I'm sure that I will return there and make more pictures and memories, haha!

Spring is here!

Few days ago , I with my girls got an afternoon together - we we're making tortillas and just chillin' killin , haha . I really enjoyed that afternoon , finally we all we're together ,and we all had a lot of fun . Later we maked poster with our classmates childhood pictures . These few days I got perfect mood , bacause of spring - out of the window all I see is green grass , sun is so bright , the weather is so warm . Day's are gettin' better and better . I really enjoy weather outside . Tomorrow I will go to the Riga , to meet my aunt , we're goin' to shopping & stuff . So , wish me luck and have a nice day too !

So , here is one of the photos of like 7 pictures ,  my camera got empty batteries !



December 2011 . Weather was very rainy , hah I still remember . This was @ Dailes teather , at famous latvian singer concert .

Trip with my family to Stockholm . 3 perfect sunny days , nice people , some drinks , lot of jokes and much more .
Dinner @ Hotel Bergs Latvia . Really enjoyed this evening with my aunt , mom & sister . 

F#ck those calories! Haha , by the way cake wasn't tasty .My aunt's B-day
How about some rose wine ?
Hope , you enjoyed



Maybe some of you got an profile @ polyvore ? So , here is my last set ' black magic ' and I hope u like it ! By the way , here is my profile , you can follow me ! Leave a comment , so I can checkout your profile . 

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