Hangover #2

Good mornin' everyone:) Ok, it's already afternoon. Last night, I attended to my school's Christmas ball. It was really nice evening, I met so much long time unseen friends, old classmates. Later, I with few of my friends went to a local bar, it was kind a nice party there. :) 

 Boys and me @ local bar, gettin' drunk, having fun, haha

Ok, horrible picture, but anyway, last weekend I went to Riga, I with my besties we're attending SUPERNOVA NIGHT @ Black Friday Club, such a fun night :) 

So, it's gonna be end of world tonight, will you celebrate it? Haha, do some of you, even believe into this bullsh#t? Anyway, have a nice weekend:)


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Christmas wishlist

Hey everyone, last week at school, I'm dying there, grades are so f#cking bad, mom will kill me. Anyway, I'm such a bad, bad girl :D and I don't deserve any of these things, I would love to recieve for Christmas.. Happy Christmas guys, haha!


Let's change.


Hello everyone :) This is last week when I'm goin' to study, (OK, actually I do not study at all, my grades will be moderate for me, bad for my parents. I'm such a lazy-ass in these school things.) but anyway, I'm going to do as much as I can. Christmas time and New Year's Eve is coming so fast and not just for me, but for all New Year's Eve is something special. New year - new challenge, new ambitions, new goal's. I'm so exited! Time to change something, isn't it? And, if we are talking about changes - for weeks I was thinking, maybe change something in blog? It's kind a mixed with beauty products and fashionable posts. Actually, I don't know anything about beauty products at all, just that eye shadows is for eyes, lip balm - for lips, etc. I'm huge fan of cosmetic brands, I am informed about beauty products, but it's not my thing anyway. This knowledge is just for myself, and it's not good enough and interesing, so I just can't write about it. So, from January I will post just about fashionable things, new trends, etc. I wish, that I will be inspired enough, to made some outfit posts. Huh, finally I'm done! Maybe you have something to suggest, to make my blog as good as it can be? Let me know! Kisses! Elizabete


Done this month!

After one missed Done this month post (or the old Beauty fav's of the month post) I'm here, with new post title (Finally, correct one) and four empty products.. 

1.Garnier pure daily cleansing gel
2. LipSmacker Strawberry lip balm
3. The Body Shop Satsuma mandarin body butter
4.Orly won't chip 

My feedback about these products:
1. Garnier cleansing gel.. so.. Maybe just cleansing gels is not my thing. This one I got about year - it was so hard to use it, really didnt like it. Have nothing to say about this product, because it really didnt help my skin, after using it, sometimes my skin was sooo dry, oh. I will not buy this one more time.

2. Smell of this lip balm, was so sweet and nice! (Ok, all LipSmackers smell like paradise, I remember my childhood, when I got from my friend one of the best LipSmackers things ever - Watermelon liquid  lip smacker, I still remember that beautiful smell!) It's little bit oily. This balm is cheap, so why not try?

3. The best body butter on earth! Love it! This body butter smells sooooooooo good, it's not too oily (sometimes, The Body Shop butters is kind a oily) and that mandarin odor, so fresh. For me it doesn't remind about Christmas, just about summer :) Definitely suggest this for you all!

4.This top coat was just wonderful, I loved it! After applying it, my nails looked so nice, like I'm having gel nail polish. But now this top coat isn't applicable, it's out of date.

Do you have tried one of these products? :)
Kisses, Eliza



Few days ago I check'd Zara shoes and found leopard print slippers and leopard print boots - they're both so stylish, ugh. But boots.. they're my fav', sooooo catchy! A great accessory for a simple outfit:) 

Do you like this print? Or it's just another so last year trend? Tell me! 


New in; cosmetics

This month I bought too much cosmetics, really, (Ok, for other girls, these things are just.. nothing! But I dont use too much cosmetics, so I really need just few things) 

Pink grapefruit butter
Tea Tree skin clearing lotion
I just love these cute red paper bags from The Body Shop, makes me feel, like it's already Christmas time :) Ok, it is

LipSmacker berry-strawberry lip balm
JOIK super moisturizing lip balm with orange essential oil
These too, are just amazing! I always buy some LipSmacker balm, because, they're so cute and this time I didnt bought Burt's Bees, because I wanted to try something else.. This, in Estonia made lipbalm is just.. wonderful! Love it! :)
Kisses, Eliza


Hi everyone! Recently I joined some giveaway and actually I never won before but then I checked results and I was really suprised! One of the winners was me! So, check out these little, cute things, which I already want to try and some of them - unpack.

Strawberry & Raspberry Superdrug shower gel 
Garnier lip balzam with shea butter & vitamin E
Dizao express face mask


Back on track

Hello babes, finally I got my own computer and my own internet, feels good to be back! So, actually this week was so horrible, because I was really sick and I felt terrible. Today I feel much better, and today, finally I feel happy and satisfied. So, yeah, as soon as posible I will show you all some photos, but now, few nice things I found in Zara's online shop. (Unfornately, week ago I was in Zara (even twice, haha) and I didnt saw any of these clothes. Sh#t happens! I though that I will find my Christmas ball dress in Zara.. Yeah, dissapointed. But this is not first time, when I check online store (Of course, I always check Latvian one, because offer is always diffirent in another continents and countries) and then I check real store, and yeah.. Nothing of clothes, shoes or acessories I wanted. And Zara is not the only one shop, which does not supply all sortiment. Sad, but true.

So, which of these things do you love the most? Let me know! Kisses :) 



Hi sweeties, just wanted to say, that I will stop bloggin' for one week, because of my internet limit which I just spent. But, I will be back with new posts about things I bought in Mallorca (kind a late post, I know, but I really want to show you all, what I bought), few clothes I bought yesterday @ Riga (For first time, I visited H&M.. :-D) and few another things.. But for now, I can just show last months photos.. 

Lunch at small pizzeria in my town

My tasty dessert, yesterday, at cafe, in Riga

These delicious tiger shrimps I made today for my family.

Tea before flight to Mallorca


Few stylish accents

That's all for now, enjoy these senseless photos and have a nice week.
Kisses, Eliza!



This is my first inspiration post here, enjoy! 

You already seen that in this post dominates luxuriant and just gorgeous long dresses with diamond and pearl accents. Oh, one of my dreams is to have few dresses like these in my wardrobe.. When I see something as splendid as these evening dresses, my heart is having mini heart-attack. I think, that every woman would feel like real princess in dresses like these.
x, Elizabete



Hi everyone! Oh, I feel.. distraught? Yeah, thank you school, homeworks, teachers.. I hate to study, I don't do homeworks, teachers are getting disappointed.. Everyone around is studying hard, but I just feel tired. Always tired. F#ck! So.. Yeah, it's like the last minute to start to do something, homerworks and everything else. Oh, hate it! But I have to. Ok, now back to the point - few really good-looking clothes/outfits from Bershka and Pull&Bear. Which one do you like the most?  :) 

I <3 this jacket, lucky boys who will be able to buy it! 

Kisses, Eliza


Palma de Mallorca

Hi my dear blog readers, today I'm gonna show few pictures of my trip to Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
But before we start, I just wanted to say thank's to my sister, because she made these photos.

So.. This is SanMiguel - my dear friend or just beer I drank all these day's.. It was sooo delicious! I already miss these chill nights with cold beer and.. oh, I already miss Mallorca.

This is Palma's Cathedral. It was very beautiful and I really enjoyed time there.. It was so quiet and peacefull (ok, same in every cathedral or church), but that beauty there! This cathedral was incredible..

Me and hotels personal cat, who was a little bit cheeky and funny too, but that's a long story to tell.

Such a beautiful sunset.

Happy Elizabete:)
(Happy Elizabete acting kind a stupid) 

I loved this radio station, in Spain I heard the best of the best mix'es ever

One day we went to some region just to see beach and after visiting it, we wanted to eat something.. But yeah, that area we visited looked kind a unsafe, and bars there looked.. terrible. However, we risk to checkout one of the best looking place, which prepared Turkish kebabs. Of course, we all thought that this is not gonna end good, but when we got out meals.. Oh God! The best dinner ever! So big portions and sooooo tasty.. And I don't remember that restourant name. Sh#t!

Everytime I saw airplain, I felt so sad.. I really loved to be there.

My aunt and I

That's all! Have you ever been in Mallorca?
Kisses, Eliza